Ice nipple tassels

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These may be our favourite pair of all the nipple tassels we have created. In fact, we can’t keep our eyes off them! Inspired by diamonds, luxury, and all things glamourous, they will look simply stunning under the spotlights as part of an old-fashioned posing routine or fan dance. Using our newest pastie shape of a delicate diamond, these are covered in ultra-metallic silver fabric, outlines with a double row of tiny hot-fix crystals plus another row round the tassel, and the tassel itself is made from hanging loops of tiny silver foil-lined clear seed beads. The ultimate in sexy sparkle.

It’s no surprise at all that our muse Miss Sunday Blue snapped these up the moment she laid eyes on them. She has champagne tastes and the glamour factor to match. We look forward to seeing them gracing her delicate curves!