About Queen Bea

moody B&W portrait of Queen Bea aka Julie Dawson
Photo by Katie Cooke

Queen Bea is based in the vibrant Leith district of Edinburgh, Scotland. We are a company born of one woman’s magpie instincts and a deep love of all things vintage, sparkley, shiny and glamourous. We are a small company with a strong ethos.

Queen Bea is about individuality
We like to wear stand-out pieces, and that is what we aim to sell. Fabrics are sourced in small amounts and most designs are genuine one-offs. We do have a few signature designs which are created in small runs, but nothing here is mass-produced.

Queen Bea is about design for everyone
We offer genuine handmade designs at realistic prices as an exciting alternative to the bland, mass-produced fashion that dominates the High Street.

Queen Bea is about vintage glamour
We are inspired by styles from the past. Our handbags are based on vintage styles and many items feature vintage fabrics, lace and trims.

Queen Bea is about saving the planet – and looking great doing it
We source as much of our materials as possible from quality secondhand sources, such as remnants from the textile and upholstery trades, auctions, etc. Most of these are unused, first rate fabrics which would otherwise have been discarded. It also helps keep our prices down, and gives your item a little sense of history.

If you are looking for something in particular and don’t see it here, please contact me directly to discuss your requirements.