About Nipple Tassels

How do I wear nipple tassels?
You can use tit tape, body tape, or toupee tape, available from your favourite large High Street chemist chain or indeed many department stores. However, it may be worth experimenting with other types of double-sided sticky tape, especially if you are a beginning perfomer trying to save pennies on your costume as you may find a cheaper option. We are reliably told that the £2/roll double-sided tape we use for craft projects is better than some higher-end tit tapes on the market. However, obviously you should exercise good judgement in your experimentation (ie, don’t use heavy duty industrial tape that is going to rip your nipples off and be extra careful if you have very sensitive skin). We recommend a short strip of tape applied to the pastie on either side, with the seam running down the middle (when worn, the seam should be positioned at the bottom so the hanging tassel covers it). Do not apply tape on actual nipple – if you have ever done this, you will know why – OUCH!!!

We don’t claim to be expert twirlers – not by a long shot! – but we were taught by the best, so happy to pass on a few tips for the novice. Below are three proven methods. Have a try and see what works best for you as it will vary from person to person (and indeed from boob to boob!)
1. The Cheesecake Bounce
Start with your arms over your head and just bounce rhythmically. We find it works better if the bounce comes from the knee rather than the heel, and don’t go too fast. Our first instinct was to go like the clappers and it didn’t work. So if your tassels aren’t twirling, try slowing it down. You can also try moving your arms (ie, one over the head, one out to the side, and then swapping) to alter the direction of your twirl. You may also want to lean back slightly, especially if your breasts are larger. This method has the Queen Bea endorsement: it’s easy, cute and kitsch. However it ain’t slinky and you can’t move with it.
2. The Dirty Old Man
Start with one arm, keep the elbow and upper arm close to your body with the hand resting on the front of the thing. Now rub the thigh vigorously until that upper arm nudges the breast sufficiently to set the tassels going. Try it on the other side. We find this works brilliantly with our right breast, not so well with the left, and looks extremely dodgy with both.
3. The Burlesque Shimmy
This method is slinkier, sexier, and possible to combine with a walk so is favoured by burlesque performers. We also have some less well-endowed friends who find it easier than the bounce method. It is as it sounds, just shimmy your shoulders back and forth like the clappers until those tassels start twirling. A good move to combine with a nice back arch- the divine Daiquiri Dusk even does it lying upside down draped delectably over a chair!

Does size really matter?
Only insofar as different twirling methods may suit different shapes of breast better. But we have seen fantastic twirlers ranging from extremely voluptuous to the downright bijou. Queen Bea is fairly well-endowed herself and suspects that, if anything, this makes twirling more difficult to control – when those bangers get going, you could end up with a black eye! Men are also quite capable of twirling (and not just with assels!) so this really is a case of “It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you move it!”

What kind of tassels are best for a beginner?
If you have never twirled before, we highly recommend starting with something from our innovative “Easy-twirl range”/collections/queen-bea/easy-twirl. They are much more responsive than standard tassels – these babies want to twirl! It’s also worth bearing in mind that tassels can catch on shaped pasties, elaborate ruffles or thicker border trims, so simpler may be best if you are just starting out.

Twirling for a Greener Planet
True to our recycling ethos, our nipple tassels are one of our most innovative uses of waste materials. We use a thin card base – so your tassels may be created from junk mail, old Christmas cards or steamy Valentines! These are covered with lush fabrics (mostly scraps from our own designs or cast-offs from our favourite corset-maker) and backed with reclaimed leather or felt. So shimmy away, secure in the knowledge that your tassels were ethically produced!