• Auld Reekie handbag

    Edinburgh is a city of contradictions: the gritty Old Town and the manicured New Town, Jekyll and Hyde, natural beauty and stunning architecture. And the contradiction at the heart of it all is the tension between the staid and traditional and the modern and innovative. It was in this spirit the Auld Reekie handbag was created and we like to think it pays appropriate homage...


  • Brigadoon handbag

    My grandmother was a minister’s wife in middle America. She must have been quite surprised when her middle son eventually settled in Scotland. All she knew about the country came from the musical Brigadoon and no matter how many times she visited and saw the real place, she never fully lost her romantic notions. This checked fabric contains all the stunning and subtle colours of...


  • Delilah handbag

    This bag is the prettiest pink you can imagine, a barely-there blush in a crocheted lace doily, gathered into a drawstring bag, lined with hand-rolled silk dupion in a very slightly darker pink (think dew-jewelled rose petals in the dawn) and finished off with a ribbon tassel in shades of pale pink. Banish all thoughts of bubblegum and dolls, this is all about afternoon tea...


  • Emma handbag

    Shabby chic design at a slightly lower price to reflect a sewing mistake on the bottom of the bag (not visible when carried) – it was too pretty to discard and I couldn’t face starting over! It’s a soft gold velvet with a contrasting panel of a very smart pastel brocade, edged in pink ruffles, cream braid, and topped off with tiny hot pink ribbon...


  • Evil Pinstripe Monster bag

    This Drone design uses high quality black pinstripe wool fabric for the body of the bag, but the outside of the flap is birght purple short pile fake fur. It’s appliqued with the same pinstripe fabric. The little monster is peeking round the edge with his big blank button eyes- is he really evil or just curious? Depends what you’re carrying. Under the flap there...


  • Floral Fantasy handbag

    When we were young, we knew an elderly woman who had the most fabulous collection of handbags. She must have been quite the shopper at one time, for every time we saw her she was carrying a new confection: tiny baskets covered in raffia flowers, miniature houses with flip-top roofs, and many more. We were always fascinated and frankly, a bit jealous. We think she...


  • Jane handbag

    Based on a design from the 1950s, this smart handbag combines dusty pink silk taffeta with toning brocade in a rich diamond pattern. The whole thing is topped off with three blooming ribbon roses in a slightly lighter dusty pink. NB: The brocade used in this bag is now finished. Approximate size is 9in x 8in.


  • Magnolia handbag

    Start with pretty shabby chic floral canvas, add some delicately crocheted vintage lace, top it off with a few touches of pink, and what do you get? Magnolia, one of our most romantic bags ever. There are some tiny touches of dusky pink in the main fabric, and these have been set off perfectly by the dainty bows on each side of the handle, the...


  • Neko handbag

    This very unusual design is based on traditional Japanese patchwork. It’s a complete one off and there will be no more made because it’s mostly hand-worked and quite frankly, I don’t have the patience to do any more of these! I must confess this is probably the least practical handbag in the shop due to its bijou size, but it really is something special. And...


  • Opium handbag

    This handbag is very easy to carry and yet will still stand out in a crowd. It’s a simple, functional shape made from pale olive green faux suede. The unusual assymmetric flap has been accented with two bold felt leaves and a vintage velveteen flower. There was only one of these flowers, and I think it has gone to perfect use here. One of my...


  • Orange Check Flower Handbag

    Same orange check fabric as the Orange Check Bow Handbag, but a different shape and a whole new feel. This one is a more casual 1950s shape, topped off with a breezy hot pink flower that picks up the vibrant colours in the check and tones with the hot pink satin lining. Approximate size is 9in x 8in.


  • Orient Blue Handbag

    All the glamour of the mysterious East and still practical for everyday wear. This bag is constructed from a heavy canvas twill in deep blue with gold and cream Oriental characters. The whole thing is set off by a metallic gold “frog” knotwork closure (primarily decorative, there is also a magnetic clasp for security).


  • Peacock Queen handbag

    Lovely and unusual handbag, sure to get you noticed at any event day or night. The handbag is made from a stunning peacock-print velvet and lined in toning royal blue velvet. This has been embellished with a most unusual fabric panel featuring a vintage image of a glamourous peacock lady, studded with sapphire hot fix crystals, framed in pale gold braid and topped with a...


  • Rannoch handbag

    There is something magical about Scottish moorland – Rannoch on a sunny late summer day, soft mounds of heather and bracken rolling away into the distance, the only sound a soft bleating of sheep in the distance. The heather blooms exactly the colour of this handbag. Soft mauve chenille topped with a simple aubergine cord bow, angled for maximum impact. Understated and versatile but still...


  • Scarlet o'Hera handbag

    Peacocks are the sacred symbol of Hera, wife and sister to Zeus. Known for her vengeful nature and powerful jealousy, when Paris chose Aphrodite over her as the most beautiful goddess, it ultimately lead to war. Velvet as scarlet as the ripest pomegranate, lined in gold with a gold handle and two peacock feather appliques, this is a handbag worthy of a goddess. We hope...


  • Tiny Bubbles handbag

    A bit more understated than our normal burlesque range, this is a perfect “goes with anything” understated evening bag. Lovely black taffeta with a fabulous crinkled texture in a 1940s clutch shape, with a wrist strap at the side for carefree dangling. But what really gets us going is the three vintage pearl buttons in graduated sizes fizzing like bubbles up theassymmetric flap. Oh my,...


  • Tree of Life handbag

    This is a more casual bag in a simple, clean shape that makes the most of a striking fabric. The fabric itself is an unusual crewel work design in raised wool on a cream ground. This is complemented by a taupe cord handle and dusty brown velvet lining. Simple but striking. Approximate size is 9in x 7in.