• Arabian Nights earrings

    For these delicate stud earrings, we used one of our most unusual ribbons. Shot taffeta shimmers in tones of burgundy and darkest green. We imagine uncovering this stash in the depths of the medina, hidden away at the back of a jumbled stall and hidden for decades. No doubt if you went looking for the stall again, it would have vanished.


  • Campbell earrings

    Cute and unusual version of our flower earrings. We’ve paid tribute to our adopted homeland with Campbell tartan taffeta ribbon, hand-sewn into a five-petal flower shape and topped with vintage buttons. Portrait-mounted on ear wires for a slight drop.


  • Candyland earrings

    Cartoonish flowers in bright candy colours. Red hand-sewn satin ribbon flowers are topped with yellow glass beads and dangle little green glass leaves. Aw, sweet! Portrait mounted for a slight drop.


  • Claire earrings

    These earrings feature a simple, classic paring of pale blue and white. Each five-petalled flower is hand-sewn and mounted on ear wires in portrait style so they will site beautifully against your easr witha very slight drop. Perfectly cool and elegant on a summer day and very pretty indeed. NB: Ear wires may contain nickel. Please contact us if you have an allergy to discuss...


  • Daisy earrings

    Earrings are a relatively new product at Queen Bea, and this pair is one of our favourites. A classic colour scheme of white satin ribbon and yellow glass bead centres means they look very natural. These are set on ear wires in portrait style, meaning they will have a very slight dangle but sit neatly against the ear. NB: Ear wires may contain nickel. Please...


  • Dalmation earrings

    Want to have a Cruella deVille day without all the pupp-murdering mayhem? Then try these for size. White satin ribbon with black spots has been hand-sewn using traditional ribbonwork techniques into a five-petalled flower shape, topped with a big black bead, and portait mounted on ear wires for a slight dangle. Bow wow!


  • Empress earrings

    These jewel-bright earrings feature our favourite petalled flower shape, hand-sewn in regal bright purple satin ribbon with a matching bead centre. They are mounted on ear wires portrait style to sit against the ears with a very slight drop. NB: The ear wires used may contain nickel. If you have an allergy, please contact us to discuss resetting.


  • Firecracker earrings

    Legend has it that in ancient China, there was a village that was terrorised by a fierce monster who lived in the mountains and visited one night a year to feast on the village children. Quite by accident, it was discovered that the monster hated loud noises, shiny gold, and red. And armed with this knowledge, the villagers could protect their children. To this day,...


  • Fizzy Lemon earrings

    An acid bright version of our favourite five-petal flower earrings. These feature yellow satin ribbon hand-sewn using traditional ribbonwork techniques and topped with a bright green glass bead. These are mounted on a post-style back to be worn as studs. Anyone for lemonade?


  • Hyacinth earrings

    Beautiful spring earrings in the most unusual lavender blue colourway. These little flowers are hand-sewn from satin ribbon and topped with vintage aurora crystal beads, and the whole thing portrait-mounted on ear wires for a subtle drop. May we suggest these for garden parties, summer weddings, or any other outdoor event that will allow the sun to sparkle off the beads? Just try not to...


  • Lucy earrings

    Sunny yellow daffodils, just made to sway gently in the breeze. Or when you turn your head. Our standard 5-petal flower shape, topped with a self-fabric “trumpet” to create the very essence of spring. Hand-sewn from satin ribbon and finished with a sprinkling of green glass beads (inside the flower). Portrait mounted on ear wires to sit neatly against the ear with the daintiest of...


  • Orange Crush earrings

    We don’t use a lot of orange here at Queen Bea, but we have made an exception for these. Vibrant orange satin ribbon has been hand-sewn using traditional ribbonwork techniques into a five-petalled flower shape, topped with yellow glass beads, and portrait mounted on ear wires for a very slight dangle. We think they would be perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day.


  • Peacock earrings

    So named because of their resemblance to the shimmering tones of an exotic bird, these earrings feature petalled flowers hand-sewn from shot taffeta ribbon in shades of purple and blue which will vary with the light. They have been mounted portrait style on ear wires to sit neatly against the ears with a very slight drop for added drama. NB: The ear wires used may...


  • Persephone earrings

    A darkly glamourous version of our favourite earring shape. These feature black satin ribbon hand-sewn into a flower shape and topped with unusual glass beads in hot pink and purple tones. Feminine and sophisticated.


  • Pick'n'Mix earrings

    Kitsch sweetie earrings designed to mix and match! Some of them mimic wrapped sweets with chunky beads and hand-sewn organza “twists”, others mimic dolly mix with an array of sugary pastel beads and bows. No two are alike, and every one is someone’s favourite!

    £2.50 - £4.00

  • Polly earrings

    “Periwinkle” was a favourite colour from my childhood crayon box, but it’s rarely seen these days. So it’s a joy to be able to say these earrings are hand-sewn from periwinkle satin ribbon the same colour as I remember from all those years ago. Finished with a toning blue glass bead and mounted on ear wires in portrait style for a very slight, neat drop....


  • Puss Puss earrings

    Cute and kitschy earring featuring little white glass buttons with pretty blue kitties, mounted on hand-sewn yellow satin ribbon rosette. The poor little kitten looks a bit startled, so please do be gentle with her! Portrait-mounted on ear wires for a very slight drop.


  • Rockabilly earrings

    Cutesy little black and white checked gingham flowers, hand-sewn from taffeta ribbon and topped with a big black bead. Would be adorable with a 50s style sundress or go bad with skinny cropped trousers and heels.


  • Shortcake earrings

    Lovely earrings featuring tiny white ribbon bows with a juicy glass strawberry bead drop. Perfect for summer and bound to get you loads of attention, just beware of little nibbles! If two strawberries just aren’t enough, try second helpings with our matching Shortcake necklet.


  • Virginia earrings

    Here at Queen Bea, vintage lace is one of our favourite thing. We can’t resist buying it whenever we find it, and the scraps we’ve used for these earrings are some of our prettiest bits yet. They are a very unusual colour of palest aqua, sewn into a frothy roesette and topped with a matching pearl. Would set off a simple twinset perfectly, or wear...