Commissions and Custom Work

We love doing custom work – the more OTT the better! You may be looking for a small brooch or handbag to set off a favourite dress, a unique cocktail hat for a special occasion, or even props for a burlesque performance. Whatever your requirements, please contact us to discuss. We will work up an estimate for you and communicate with you throughout every step of the design process to ensure that you are genuinely thrilled with the result. The only limit is your imagination! Please have a look at some of our more specialised work below to get your creative juices flowing and please do get in touch with any questions or ideas. 

Please note that the designs below are not for sale, these are shown only as samples of our more specialised work

Nipple tassels (and their non-tasselled sisters, the pastie) date back to the golden age of burlesque, when there were strict rules against showing one’s nipples onstage. Nowadays there’s very little one can’t show in public, but tassel twirling has found its way into the burlesque lexicon and pasties are a costume essential. They are also a saucy way to protect your modesty in a low-cut ensemble, spice up a “private performance” or indeed just have a bit of a laugh.

We recommend you read our guide to nipple tassels for tips to get you twirling and also to learn more about what makes our tassels special!

  • Commission for Sir Lance o' Lust

    These sparkling blue bum tassels were created for the debut of rising star of the Scottish burlesque scene Sir Lance o’Lust. Slightly larger than our nipple tassels, these are constructed of two layers: the usual conical shape hand sewn to a flat back for easier application. There is also stuffing between the layers to allow the wearer to sit whilst wearing them without fear of...