Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn Equinox

This week I have been determinedly enjoying the last of another too-brief British summer. It feels like it was never quite hot enough, never quite bright enough this year! Too much time in the office and not enough in the sun, and too few Aperol Spritz by far! But with the Autumn Equinox today, it's time to accept that the summer is over and get the mittens out of storage!

For the most part this week, I've been celebrating my five-year anniversary with the beautiful city of London. There are a lot of things I promised myself I would do but never found the time for: visiting Little Venice is a very good example! Despite living by the Regent's Canal for three out of the last five years, and despite being absolutely enamoured with the idea of Little Venice, I had never actually made it there. That finally changed this weekend!

One of the nice things about dating boys from distant compass points of our beautiful capital is that I get taken to gorgeous places that are just a little too far for comfort from my own kettle. I had a lovely Saturday of stretching my legs, beginning at Broadway Market and finishing at Holland Park, with a quick pit stop for coffee and cake at Little Venice (which was still wonderful despite a thick layer of unsightly algae).
Little Venice, North London

One thing I promised myself I would never do, because I am a serious Londoner and not a tourist, is visit Tower Bridge. But one weekday lunch, the sun was just too bright and the sky far too blue not to indulge in some lunch hour tourism. As it turns out, my desk is just perfectly situated to cross the Thames into South London, grab a very swift bite to eat, and head back north again within sixty short minutes. I am reassuring myself that I can at least remember the difference between Tower Bridge and London Bridge!

Tower Bridge, Central London
I also had time to visit St Katherine's Dock, a completely unexpected gem! 

St. Katherine's Dock, East London

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